The Brand

The Christina Stewart brand is a natural evolution for the designer, more than just a name it is a direct reflection and by-product of an ambitious young woman whose lifestyle pays tribute to empowering women through creativity. Chrissie uses her passion for creativity to speak to, and capture the minds of all women who aspire to have more:

“Women who wear my brand are empowered. I don’t take credit for their empowerment, but I hope to enhance who they are and how they feel about themselves by encouraging them to embrace and emphasise their female form. Being comfortable, or striving to be comfortable, in your own skin is power.” – Chrissie


Christina Stewart is a luxury fashion label that provides sophisticated, feminine clothing of high quality. The team is dedicated to developing and producing garments that transcend seasons and act as staple investment pieces that do not follow trends.

Each garment delivers attention to detail, fit to emphasis the curves of a woman’s body regardless of body shape, size or height and fabric and finish quality of the highest standard.

The versatility of the brand, Christina Stewart, ensures that women are kept at the forefront and that there is a clear understanding of the forever-changing female.

Women who like to look and feel their best will love the timeless and effortless style produced time after time.

Named after Chrissie’s great grandmother, Christina Stewart is a brand that women all over the globe will soon grow to covet and cherish.

The made-to-order process takes an average of 2-3 weeks from date of order.


Behind the Brand

Ambitious, driven, intelligent, creative, hard working and entrepreneurial…are some of the key words used to describe this talented young designer –Having graduated with a degree in Fashion Design with Business, this South London born creative powerhouse is set for big things.

At the tender age of 2, Chrissie cut a heart shape out of the luxurious velvet living room curtains, surely an early sign of attention to detail and symbolic for her love of fashion.

As a daughter and granddaughter to ex-seamstresses, Chrissie started customising clothes for family and friends at the age of 13, styling at the age of 16 and becoming a fashion editor at 20.

At just 23 years old Chrissie has already made an impact on the creative industry with her endless talents and achievements under her moniker Chrissiefizz: Fashion designer, author and radio personality.

Upon meeting her, you are instantly captivated by her great sense of humor, boundless energy and her abundance of experience.

Chrissie is moving full steam ahead with her design plans as she is set to launch her Autumn/Winter collection for 2015, showing taste makers and fashionistas that she truly deserves a place amongst the British elite.